With over 15 years experience and a portfolio of 100+ clients, MindSafety’s necessity and asset analyses focus on recognising needs and maintaining exemplary areas within the workplace.

Our consultancy support provides a personal partnering service, where we can provide input to steering group meetings and supporting safety coaches.

Our team of principal safety coaches can identify affecting factors of safety performance, including mindsets and behaviours, technical elements, process considerations and personnel aptitude.

MindSafety’s consultancy and training services can be tailored to fit in with any current safety programme – promoting by inclusion references to your existing corporate safety rules. Furthermore, our style and methods suit a broad range of industries.

We strive to maximize the potential of operational performance utilising a proactive rather reactive approach to safety; making sure everyone goes home safe each day.

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The MindSafety International Limited UK offices are situated on the Chester Business Park and are easily accessed from the A55 with free on-site parking for our customers.

Our European Offices are located within a very short distance from Schipol Airport.

Our Middle Eastern HQ is conveniently located in Motor City, Dubai.