//New 2-day Workshop – Empower your Managers & Supervisors

Supervisors & Team Leaders an integral part of a prosperous workforce.
Not only are they a key interface between workers and management, but they also:

  • Set the standard
  • Are approachable for solutions
  • Provide coaching support and team cohesion
  • Have an understanding of the job at hand
  • Know the rules and legal requirements
  • Know the people within the team

While supervisors are aware of their responsibilities, they are sometimes not as accepted as other members of the workforce, and can be viewed by the workers as an authoritarian figure – sometimes due to no fault of their own.

Supervisors are often promoted from within the workforce; this can be problematic as the leaders are relying on these supervisors to have gained the necessary skills through experiential learning at work.

To deal with more complex issues in regards to managers and supervisors, we at MindSafety are proud to announce our Empower your Managers & Supervisors course, which focuses on Communication Techniques, Coaching Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Confidence Building.


Find out how mature your Managers and Supervisors are in HSE culture using the HSE Culture Measure tool.

Empower those Managers and Supervisors with this exciting new course.


For more info, please contact info@mindsafety.net

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