//New 2-day Communications Workshop

Effective communication is the key to achieving success in anything we undertake as a team.

It is especially important in work and industry as it allows companies to be productive and operative effectively.

Employees can experience boosts in productivity, morale and commitment if they feel they have a voice that can reach all levels of the organisation.

Health & Safety, as well as other important aspects of an organisation, can begin to deteriorate if the workforce believes their ideas or complaints can’t be shared without fear or ridicule.

We at MindSafety are proud to announce our Communications Workshop; designed for existing I.S.C.A. Safety coaches, this course focuses on:

  1. The importance of nonverbal communication – context, body language, tonality etc.

  2. Styles of questioning and effective communication

  3. Positive intervention and conflict resolution techniques

  4. Communication perceptions

Approach Others in a Confident Manner. Communicate with Consistent Positive Outcomes.

Clearly deliver messages. Listen and show empathy. Keep everyone involved.

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