//Accidents and Incident Report Management – How in Control is Your Organisation?

When individuals think about workplace accidents, they tend to automatically gravitate towards slips, trips and falls, or working at height.

However, these are just a few generic instances of the many probable work-related accidents and incidents that need to be known within the workplace, especially within specialised industries with specific processes and equipment, such as in the manufacture or petrochemical.

With the strict enforcement of health and safety laws and an increasing amount of high-profile Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecutions, industry leaders are now under increasing pressure to ensure an effective accident and incident reporting system is in place.

This results in the need to gather more information than ever before; using new and appropriate technology, systems and methods available to ensure effective accidents and incident management within the organisation.


A common issue in a potentially hazardous workplace is the absence of near miss reporting.


What is a near miss?

According to the HSE.gov.uk website, a near miss is “an event not causing harm, but has the potential to cause injury or ill health”.

A near miss should always be reported, as there will always be a reason why a potentially hazardous situation did not lead to harm. Near misses are an indication of incorrect or missing procedures relating to process, equipment maintenance or safety culture.

We at MindSafety believe the core of practical and successful accident and incident reporting should rest in the hands of the employee. There have been many advancements in terms of systems and technologies that can assist, but without the knowledge of how and why to use these advancements, there will not be effective accident and incident reporting systems in place.


Does your organisation report near misses? How does your organisation handle incident and accident reporting? Do you feel the reports are taken seriously?

This is one of the many subject matters our training courses examines and iterates the importance of when it comes to a mature safety culture.

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