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MindSafety are professional training providers and safety coaching experts specialising in developing proactive, sustainable world-class safety cultures within industry

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David Samuel Founder Member & Group CEO

//Who we are

For over 20 years MindSafety has delivered its original and innovative behavioral safety training and consultancy to many of the world’s largest organizations. We have helped companies throughout the UK and overseas achieve their safety goals, and move toward a belief-based proactive and generative safety culture that is sustainable into the long term.

MindSafety provides the knowledge, training and support to bring back to life and underpin any new or existing BBS Programme, ensuring the client always keeps ownership. We tailor all training to include the client’s existing safety rules and messages, energizing and building upon what is already in place.


  • Oil, Gas & Renewables
  • Energy Generation
  • Petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Transport & Rail
  • Manufacture
  • Public Sector Services

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//Our Services

MindSafety will support, develop and energise any new or existing programme already in place, and by working with leaders, managers and the workforce we will provide the knowledge and support to develop a world class safety culture sustainable into the long term.

HSE Culture Measurement

We offer a detailed and comprehensive safety culture measurement service, which is online, easy to use, and will provide a detailed report of the current HSE culture maturity and operative’s perceptions about safety within an organisation. The measurement process uses the highly respected 'Hearts and Minds' HSE Safety Culture Maturity measurement framework, and provides an excellent 'Now' picture of where the safety culture is, and indicators for improvement opportunities and actions to progress to a proactive rather than reactive safety culture status. A more comprehensive and detailed appraisal can also be made with the option of having one of our culture-measure consultants attend on-site and conduct interviews with the teams.

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Training & Support

Entertaining and engaging learning sessions and inter-active workshops provide the knowledge to influence and change beliefs and perceptions about safety, using proven models from the sciences of psychology and sociology. Repetition using motivational techniques helps to embed the ‘Key Messages’ into the minds of workers and operatives to create new safer habits, contributing toward a more positive and proactive safety culture. Through specialist safety coach training, leadership workshops and belief-changing inspirational sessions, the culture of an organisation is guided toward a generative safety culture, which demonstrates a world-class approach to safety.

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Online Services

MindSafety offer online live streaming of interactive events and broadcast-quality virtual sessions which can be accessed anywhere there is a stable internet connection. A great resource for those working from home or in a remote location, to participate in a live behavioral safety training session in real-time.

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Upbeat + fun, direct interaction with audience. Right level of understanding. Great message to communicate forward.


Best course I’ve done in a long time. Excellent insight to the mind. Great idea for construction.

Sir Robert McAlpine

Very well presented, enjoyable, brought a different viewpoint over. Will definitely have a positive influence on my safety at work.


“Brilliantly delivered. Really useful training, learnt a lot. Interesting to look at how the mind works & affects attitudes to safety.”

RES Group

“If every body takes out of the course what I have, the world would be a better place. Not the ‘typical’ course. Excellent view on the workplace, well delivered.”

Denholm Logistics

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New 2-day Communications Workshop

Effective communication is the key to achieving success in anything we undertake as a team. It is especially important in work and industry as it allows companies to be productive and operative effectively. Employees can experience boosts in productivity, morale and commitment if they feel they have a voice that can reach all levels of […]

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New 2-day Workshop – Empower your Managers & Supervisors

Supervisors & Team Leaders an integral part of a prosperous workforce. Not only are they a key interface between workers and management, but they also: Set the standard Are approachable for solutions Provide coaching support and team cohesion Have an understanding of the job at hand Know the rules and legal requirements Know the people […]

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MindSafety Present Their Achievement Award to Denholm Logistics Group

MindSafety’s Founder and Group CEO David Samuel (middle) presents the MindSafety Recognition Award to Denholm Logistics Group QSHE Manager David Healy (middle-left) and Commercial Director Kieran Hall (right) for their outstanding commitment to developing a positive, proactive safety culture. Pictured from left to right: Matthew Jones, David Healy, David Samuel, Kieran Hall, Paul Knowles.

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New 4-day Masterclass – Learning to Present

We at MindSafety are constantly developing and innovating to address issues we come across in all walks of industry. Announcing a new course available for existing I.S.C.A. Safety Coaches – Learning to Present – a 4-day Masterclass Training Workshop – focusing on teaching and empowering Safety Coaches to be able to deliver: Engaging Toolbox Talks […]

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Avoiding Slips Trips & Falls

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in the workplace. On average, they cause 40 percent of all reported major injuries and can also lead to other types of serious accidents.

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Accidents and Incident Report Management – How in Control is Your Organisation?

When individuals think about workplace accidents, they tend to automatically gravitate towards slips, trips and falls, or working at height.

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The MindSafety International Limited UK offices are situated on the Chester Business Park and are easily accessed from the A55 with free on-site parking for our customers.

Our European Offices are located within a very short distance from Schipol Airport.

Our Middle Eastern HQ is conveniently located in Motor City, Dubai.